Mindful Movement, Seated Yoga, Office Yoga and Awesome Aging

Moving mindfully is one of the most calming practices we know, chair and office yoga are brilliant for those who for any reason want to get fit where they sit, and aging is inevitable, so why not do all three with joy!

Mindful Movement - incorporating the slow, gentle, flowing mindful movements similar to those promoted by Thich Nhat Hanh, this program is designed to bring you intensly and intentionally into the now.   

Seated, or Chair Yoga - brilliant for anyone who struggles with the mat based approach, and as a skill for moving when the situation is restricting it.  And, as Bron will attest, chair yoga is a brilliant way to include a little movement in those long, and short haul flights.  

Office Yoga is a mix of standing mindful movement and dynamic chair based exercises designed to encourage movement when the day is turning out to be a little more sedintary.

Awesome Aging offers a laughter and fun filled combination of Laughter Yoga, Mindful Movement and Chair Yoga in a program specifically designed for those in their older and gentler years who are living with limited movement or reduced cognitive capacity, and for those who work them.  

Trained in Mindful Movement, Seated or Chair based Yoga and Laughter Yoga, Bron developed the Awesome Aging program to encourage her mother to keep moving as she moved through her aging journey and currently shares her chair yoga and awesome aging programs with those in the community and age care sectors.        

All four of these programs are excellent as simple 15 minute re-energisers, perfect for conference and training breaks, awesome as 45 minute Mindful experiences, and are brilliant additions to any event where you want your group re-energised, would prefer they remain in their seats.     

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