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Let's Laugh is a social enterprise dedicated to providing effective health and wellbeing programs to organisations that care about the health and well-being of their staff, clients, students and community members.

About our Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts:

In 2002, after 12 years as her primary and full time carer for her mother who lived with depression and dementia, Bron knew she had to help other carers avoid the fatigue and burnout issues that had plaqued her carers journey, although, looking back, her journey actually started decades earlier.  In 1976 while she was an administrator in a high-care rehabilitation setting, her ability to inspire, motivate and bring an inner sense of joy to anxious clients caught the attention of  'the powers that be', and she was trained to run the new and somewhat controversial at the time meditation and mindfulness (or as it was called at the time, a conscious awareness) program.  Anything but quiet, her version of the program included a lot of connection and compassion through laughter, and some clients began calling her their joy coach.   

Bron has a Bachelors of Psychological Science, is Australia's only Certified Humour Professional (a 3-year post-graduate diploma in humour as a therapeutic and business wellbeing modality), completed a course in Brain (neuro-science) Coaching and has studied Gross National Happiness at the GNH Centre in Bhutan.  She's also completed the Science of Happiness and Positive Psychology courses through the Greater Good Science Centre at the University of California, Berkeley, and regularly updates her meditation and mindfulness training qualifications. 

Usually not one to leap onto new ideas when they first arrive, Bron surprised everyone who knew her when she trained as one of Australia's first Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainers and started what has become one of the world's longest running community laughter clubs - 19 years and counting.  She was also one of Laughter Yoga's first Global Laughter Yoga Ambassadors.  She's a certifed laughter Boss thanks to the Humour Foundation, and in 2014 she received an honoury Masters in Laughter Yoga Wellbeing.

In her spare time, she's the mother of 2 adult daughters, a cyclist, dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest research relevant to her work, an avid voluneer (did we mention Let's Laugh is a social enterprise?), a communication and public speaking teacher and mentor, a Toastmasters champion, a passionate traveller, and has also been a supporting facilitator for a number of wellbeing studies, a contributing author to several wellbeing publications and the Laughter expert of choice for a number of media outlets.  



Steve Wilson - founder of the World Laughter Tour and Bron's mentor and friend.


2002 - Bron Graduates as one of the world's first fully certified Laughter Leader Trainers

2006 - Madan Kataria awards Bron her certificate having named her as one of Laughter Yoga International's first Global Laughter Yoga Ambassadors.


When it all started in 2004 little did Bron know that Mitcham Community Laughter Group would still be meeting every Saturday in 2022!

16 happy new laughter leader graduates ready to share the laughter in Arcare Age Care

8 newly minted laughter leaders ready to share the laughter in the Maroopna / Shepparton area.  

Bron and Comedian Arj Barker at the launch of the Melbourne Comedy Festival Program and media campaign. 

Bron shares a laugh with the world's leading laughter researcher Lee Birk (left) and Laughter Master and founder of the Laguna Beach Laughter Club Jeffrey Briar (right)

2009 - The first of many meetings with brilliant author, and now friend and mentor, the wonderful Allen Klein

Bron and Brian sharing a hug and a laugh with the Leukaemia bear at a Leukaemia foundation laughter fundraiser

Tracey Harvey, radio personality, singer and actor, shares a laugh just before this crazy group takes the laughter live to air at ABC 774 Melbourne  

Staff and students at Toorak College enjoy a good laugh.  Bron has been back to the college several times!



About Let’s Laugh

Tailoring inspirational workshops and presentations that increase passion, purpose and profit by reducing stress, increasing resilience and improving well-being through Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellbeing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Chair Yoga.   




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