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We all feel great when we laugh.  Science supports the understanding that it connects us with others, reduces stress, helps to build resilience, is an effective tool for coping, broadens our outlook, and supports creativity and productivity, but more importantly than all that, it's fun, and who doesn't want to spend at least one training or presentation session laughing?     

Whether you're after a simple laughter yoga based program or a more indepth laughter filled session that explores the neuroscience of laughter, wellbeing, coping skills, and resilience building, and exploration of the benefits of breath work and laughter for lung health, something for a small team or a huge group, a ten minute energiser, a breakout session, a fun filled high energy experience, or a joy and science filled presentation, we can design a program for you.  

When it comes to laughter there's no 'fake it until you make it' with Let's Laugh.  With over two decades of presentation experience, with all types of groups, in all kinds of locations, Bron knows how to encourage your group to find their authentic laughter, celebrate their inner joy, discover the proven benefits of laughter, and develop effective ways of including laughter in their lives in a way that's appropriate to each and every individual. 

More than just getting your group laughing, Bron's background in psychology, neuroscience, and behaviour and mindset change, combined with her infectious enthusiasm creates workshops that even the most skeptical of participants can't help but enjoy.   

Like all Let's Laugh programs, our laughter-based programs are individually designed to suit your specific needs, presented in a flexible manner that ensures your session meets your the needs of your group and your expectations, and, like all our programs, are suitable for everyone of every ability.  They're also available in-person, on-line and hybrid.

Booking is easy. Simply email us at or phone Bron on 0421 335 197 to discuss your needs.

While we design your program to suit your needs here are some of the more popular requests:
10 - 20 minute Laughter Rush -  A very popular energiser for conferences, meetings, workshops and events. 
30 - 90 minute Super Session - Known as our Neuro-laugh program, these session combine the neuroscience of laughter with specifically designed laughter exercises in a way the helps your group not only learn but internalise the understanding of why laughter is so incredibly good for us.
90 minute to 3 hour laughter immersion session - For those who want more laughter, more neuroscience and more fun!


And what about our lead presenter?   

Our Chief Happiness Office and lead presenter Bron, has been presenting Laughter-based programs for over 20 years. Her passion for simple and effective well-being practices has taken her everywhere from huge conferences to small group meetings, corporate board rooms to community halls, hospitals to remote health care providers, universities to kinders, and even to a few tropical island retreats. She's traveled with the mental health unit of the NSW Royal Flying Doctor, done her best to stay focused in a hot air balloon over Christchurch in New Zealand, been joined by Quoka on Rottnest Island off the Western Australia coast, worked with staff and inmates in some of Australia's men's and women's maximum security prisons and secure addiction facilities, and spent time with outback stations so remote she's had to be flown in. She's shared the laughter with the Royal Family and senior Government officials in Bhutan, and there's even been a rock star and actor or two in the mix because everybody loves a bit of fun. If you can think of it there's a good chance she's shared laughter there. 

Her passion for social inclusion has seen her speak at more community groups than she ever thought existed, for the past 20 years she's run what has become one of the longest-running, largest and possibly most awarded community laughter clubs on the planet, and has trained, mentored and supported over 100 laughter leaders to share the laughter with their own communities and groups.  

She's Australia's only Certified Humour Professional, one of a small but growing group of people outside Bhutan trained in Gross National Happiness and, thanks to her academic background in psychology and neuro-science, has played an active role in a number of Laughter Yoga based research studies.  

Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to design a dynamic Laughter program for your staff, clients, or community. 

What our clients say about Let's Laugh Laughter programs:

Toorak College is a school that proudly supports proactive and preventative strategies that promote the benefits of health and well-being in students, staff, parents and members of the wider community. 

Laughter Yoga compliments our approach to student well-being. Bron Roberts (the Laughter Lady) is a highly energetic instructor who is clearly passionate about the wellbeing of young people. Bron is a well regarded and popular professional in her field who as the innate ability to combine science with laughter. 

We look forward to inviting her back to our school in the new year. - Kelly O'Brien,  MAPS: Education Psychologist, Toorak College, Mt Eliza 


Thank you so much for the session last week.  The feedback has been nothing but positive and we look forward to working with you again. - Andrea Jackson, Health Wellbeing and Development, Student and Community Services, Monash University.


More client testimonials can be found on our Clients and Testimonial page.


Have you ever wondered about the benefits of laughter? 

Research supports the findings that it laughter:

  • boosts the immune system 
  • improves circulation
  • regulates blood pressure and increases oxygen levels in the blood.
  • Improves memory and recall thereby increasing the ability to learn
  • reduces anxiety and stress
  • supports mental wellbeing
  • Increases energy levels
  • increases motivation
  • increases creativity
  • supports broader and more flexible thinking
  • supports acceptance and open mindedness
  • increases subjective wellbeing (happiness)
  • increases feelings of self-esteem
  • improves social connections (and reduces loneliness)
  • is a gentle aerobic workout

and when used in business and community environments it:

  • boosts morale
  • increases creativity, innovation and performance 
  • improves team cohesion
  • is an effective leadership skill
  • increases job satisfaction, and reduces employee turnover
  • improves client connection
  • all of which have a positive impact on that all-important bottom line



Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher - Bron Roberts

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader - Bron Roberts

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