Some of the most frequently asked questions:


Why should I choose a Let's Laugh program? 

Experience.  Bron, our Chief Happiness Officer and program presenter, has been presenting laughter and mindfulness based programs for over 2 decades.  Our clients happily share that her engaging and adaptive presentation style, her passion for sharing the latest research and most of all, her ability to engage her audiences in a way that captures their attention and imagination, is impressive.   


Who are Let's Laugh Programs suitable for?

Everyone of every age and ability!  Our youngest clients are in pre-school and our oldest include a select group of Melbourne based centenarians (yes, you need to receive a 100th birthday message from the Queen (or more recently the King) before you can join!). Whether you're just starting out on your life's journey, in the middle of your career, or enjoying your final years, don't like to sit still or struggle to move, we have a program and a presention style that will suit your needs.  


Can you cater to my number of participants?

No group is too small or too big for a Let's Laugh program.  There have been exclusive one-to-one programs, and in-person conferences with upwards of 1200 delegates.  Our largest on-line group welcomed 1841 participants.  There was even a group of over 11,000 participants at a festival in the USA but that was a music festival and while Bron was delighted to be invited, and proud to participate and present, she knows that they weren't all there just to see her :)  


How experienced is your presenter?

Bron has over 20 years of experience working with clients around Australian and internationally, both in-person and more recently on-line.  She's been teaching laughter based programs, both as laughter yoga and the neuro-science of laughter as a tool for wellbeing for over 20 years, and mindfulness and breath work for over 4 decades.  She's even put her speaking skills to the test at Toastmasters, becoming one of their champion speakers.


Will my venue be suitable?

Bron's experience in both theatre and event production has made her a master at making spaces work, so, while not all spaces are perfect, she can make her programs work in (almost) any space.


What will the presenter need?

Bron will bring everything she needs for your sessions. All we ask is that you provide the space and the participants, be they in-person or on-line and, if you feel it's needed a microphone and speaker system - although, with several clients in the age care sector, and having worked with children and in some very accoustically challenging spaces, her ability to project is fairly impressive.     

While Bron rarely uses slides, preferring the power of group interaction, she is happy to put together an informative slide deck for your session if you feel it relevant for your group.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Do you mind if I don't tell them what we will be doing, and leave it up to you?

Many of our clients invite Bron in as the 'Secret Speaker', and Bron is more than happy, and very experienced at accommodating this request. 


Do your programs work on-line or will Bron travel to our event?  

Yes to both.  Bron loves to travel.  Pre 2020 she would spend an average of 5 months a year travelling to events, in 2023 she enjoyed several weeks away meeting clients and participants in person, and 2024 is already shaping up to be a year of travel!  She's also more than happy to, and experienced in bringing her programs to your group through the on-line platform of your choice.

For more information relating to these or any other questions you might have please phone Bron on 0421 335 197, email us at bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au or complete our contact form

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