Some of the most frequent asked questions:


Why should I choose a Let's Laugh program? 

Experience.  Bron has been presenting laughter and mindfulness based programs for almost 20 years.  Her clients happily share that her passion for keeping up with the latest research and her ability to present her programs in a flexible style that connects with everyone in the room is impressive.  Both her high-energy, laughter and fun-filled presentations and her more gentle mindfulness sessions combine scientifically researched discussion of the benefits of laughter, humour and mindfulness and their impact on physical, mental and social health and well-being, with easy to remember, simple and effective laughter exercises, gentle stretching, deep breathing and mindfulness strategies in a manner that's accessible to all.   


Who are Let's Laugh Programs suitable for?

Everyone of every age and ability!  Our youngest clients are in pre-school and our oldest clients include a select group of Melbourne based centenarians (yes, you need to receive a 100th birthday message from the Queen before you can join!). Whether you're just starting out on your life's journey, in the middle of your career, or enjoying your final years, don't like to move much or don't like to sit still, we have a program and a presention style that will suit your needs.  


Can you cater to my number of participants?

No group is too small or too big for a Let's Laugh program.  We've shared our programs on a one-to-one basis and to huge groups.  Our largest in-person group was 3500+ conference delegates at a conference in Sydney, and our largest on-line group welcomed 1841 participants.  


How experienced is your presenter?

Our lead presenter, Bron Roberts, has working with clients around Australian and internationally, both in-person and more recently on-line, for almost twenty years.  Her work is supported by an academic background in psychology, beahvioural and neuro science, humour as a therapeutic modality, meditation, mindfulness, chair yoga and Gross National Happiness.  (She's even a Toastmasters champion speaker!)


Will my venue be suitable?

Bron's experience in both theatre and event production has made her a master at making spaces work, so, while technically, the answer should be 'it depends on your space and the current capacity restrictions', the answer is usually YES! 


What will the presenter need?

Bron will bring everything she needs for your sessions. All we ask is that you provide the space and the participants, be it and they in-person or on-line.  While we rarely use slides, preferring the power of group interaction, we are happy to put together an informative slide deck for your session if you feel it relevant for your group.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Do you mind if I don't tell them what we will be doing, and leave it up to you?

Many of our clients invite Bron in as the 'Secret Speaker', and Bron is more than happy, and very experienced at accommodating this request.    


Do your programs work on-line or will you travel to our event?  

Both answers are yes.  Bron loves to travel (pre-covid she would spend an average of 5 months a year travelling to events), and she is happy to bring her program to you either in person or via the on-line platform of your choice.

For more information relating to these or any other questions you might have please phone Bron on 0421 335 197, email us at bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au or complete our contact form

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