Some of the questions clients most frequently ask are:


Why should I choose a Let's Laugh program? 

Bron has been presenting laughter and mindfulness based programs for almost 30 years.  Her clients happily share that her passion for keeping up with the latest research and her ability to integrate the latest findings into her programs is impressive.  Both her high-energy, laughter and fun-filled presentations and her more gentle mindfulness sessions combine easy to understand, scientifically researched explanations of the benefits of laughter,  humour and mindfulness as they effect physical, mental and social health and well-being, with easy to remember, simple and effective laughter exercises, gentle stretching, deep breathing and mindfulness strategies in a manner that's suitable for everyone of any ability.  Plus her experience as an event co-ordinator gives her rare insight into you needs as an event organiser, and as an event co-ordinator she made a promise to herself that she would always be the presenter who is not only professional but easy to work with. 

Who are Let's Laugh Programs suitable for?

Everyone of every age and ability!  Our youngest clients are in pre-school and our oldest clients include a select group of Melbourne based centenarians (yes, you need to receive a letter from the Queen before you can join!). Whether you're just starting out on your life's journey, in the middle of your career, or enjoying your final years, don't like to move much or don't like to sit still, Bron has the experience to deliver a program to suit your needs.

Can you cater to my number of participants?

No group is too small or too big for a Let's Laugh program. Our smallest group was a counselling support group of just 3, and our largest group so far has been a conference group of  2500+ participants.

How experienced is your presenter?

Our lead Laughter Presenter, Bron Roberts has been sharing her skills for almost 30 years and has worked for clients around Australia, in south east Asia and most recently in the USA, Europe and Bhutan.  Her work is also supported by qualifications in psychology, humour as a therapeutic modality, meditation and mindfulness, neuro-science and Gross National Happiness.  

Is my venue suitable?

All Let's Laugh programs can be presented at your venue or via an on-line platform.  Our programs are as flexible as you, your clients and your venue. Many clients have a room or hall available. Some clients prefer parks (even car parks) and gardens. There have been conference halls and meeting rooms, hospitals and health centres, school halls and classrooms, boats, buses, planes, wineries, gyms, theatres, playgrounds, stages, shearing sheds, pubs, performance and circus tents, open desert, public spaces and even prisons and remand centres. One client took their small group Let's Laugh Program to new heights in a hot air balloon in New Zealand, another showered Sydney with laughter from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Bron has confused the quokka's on Rottnest Island and worried the wallabies near Uluru.  She's helped tourists and locals laugh in Federation Square in Melbourne, in Darling Harbour in Sydney and in South Bank in Brisbane, had tourists and staff giggling on the sky bridge in the Petronis Towers in Kuala Lumpur, presented on the famous Las Vegas 'Strip' and on Freemont Street in Las Vegas, shared the laughter with locals and visitors alike the Venice Beach street market in California, at a souk (market) in Marrakech, in a lakeside park in Geneva, and in a Monastery in the Himalaya mountains in Bhutan.  Bron even took up the opportunity to run impromptu laughter sessions on the famous Main Street in Disneyland, Anaheim (2 years in a row!), and in 2017 took her impromptu laughter to the Epcot Centre in Florida.  Her unique laughter programs have also proved popular with the staff and inmates at Victoria's maximum security women's and men's prisons. If you can think of it, Bron can take the laughter there.

What will the presenter need?

Bron likes to keep her presentations as fuss-free as possible. Bron will bring any equipment needed for your presentation, and a few surprises for your participants.  We ask that you provide nothing more than a suitable space to work. Most requirements specific to your group can be accommodated. Please contact us to discuss any specific or unusual needs.

I want something fun for my staff but I think the thought of a Laughter program might put them off. Do you mind if I don't tell them what we will be doing and leave it up to you?

Many of our clients invite Bron in as the 'Secret Speaker', infact she was once presented with a t-shirt with that very slogan!  We understand that some clients want the laughter session to be a surprise for their group and we are more than happy to support your choice.

We want some laughter but we doubt that management will approve a laughter program.  Do you have any ideas?

At Let's Laugh we design the program to suit your needs and the needs of your organisation.  Some clients do request something more 'serious' and Bron is always happy to 'tone down the laughter' and 'enhance the science side'.  Laughter for Wellbeing is the perfect choice for the 'tone down the laughter aspect' requests.  Of course if you want something much quieter our mindfulness programs are excellent.

You're in Melbourne we're not, but we'd love to have your program in.  Do you travel?  

We can bring our program to you either in person or via the on-line platform of your choice.  (Bron loves to travel!)

For more information relating to these or any other questions you might have please phone Bron on 0421 335 197, email us at bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au or fill in our contact form

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