10 tips for de-stressing


Be aware of your breathing.  Shallow breathing indicates stress and anxiety, mid level breathing indicates a calm relaxed demeanour, deep breathing de-stresses the body.

At least once an hour take the time to breathe deeply and slowly.

Yawn and stretch when you can, it cools the brain, relaxes the body, slows the heart rate, and improves circulation and creativity and it feels great.

Take a break

Take a few minutes every hour, to move away both physically and mentally from what you're doing.

Day dream 

Allow your mind to wander every now and then, be it through doodling or dreaming of other places and/or times.

Be in the moment 

Give time and focus to the here and now.  Breath, look around you.  For just a few moments release the past, don't think about the future, be right where your are right now.

Be aware of your thought patterns

What are you thinking, is it positive, negative or indifferent?  Become aware of the way you think about things.  It was Hamlet (Shakespeare) who said 'is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.   Thoughts effect actions, what actions are your thoughts creating?  

Practice Gratitude

Take time to give thoughts of thanks for everything in your life, the big, the small, the good and the not so good. 
You might like to keep a gratitude diary.  Every evening take the time to write down at least one thing that you were grateful for during the day.


Take time to get your body moving and raise your heart rate.  Discover what you enjoy and take every opportunity to move in what ever way suits you.  It could as simple as a walk at lunch time or taking the stairs, or as big as a bike ride, a trip to the gym or a chance to dance to your favourite song.


Several times a day take the time to give your busy mind a few minutes break from thinking.  You might only have time to practice the Let's Laugh '1 minute meditation' or you could settle yourself and your mind in for longer. 


Take time for the things you enjoy, time to experience being in your element.  Time to find your passion and experience flow.


Discover what you find funny, what brings a smile to your lips, causes you to giggle or makes you laugh out loud, and have more of it in your life.  Look out for, and be aware of, the silly things life sends your way.  You could contact Let's Laugh to discover simple, effective and practical ways to 'Laugh For No Reason'.


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