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Our mission:  happy productive people, happy productive workplaces, happy productive communities. 

Let's Laugh is a Social Enterprise dedicated to providing proven and achievable health, well-being, resilience and growth based strategies to community groups, businesses and organisations that are dedicated to the wellbeing of the clients, staff and customers.  

Known for our interactive, laughter filled adventures into the science of reslience, growth, positive psychology and embodied cognition (how we act creates who we are), ok the mindfulness one's might be a bit more subdued, our goal is to provide you with simple, effective and proven strategies for building resilience, increasing happiness and developing growth in ways that are easily integrated into your everyday routine.  




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We often hear about happiness, stress and resilience management.  In this day and age management is not enough.  At Let's Laugh we believe we can all master them! ....



Mindfulness and meditation help to calm the mind and body and are powerful tools when it comes to health and wellbeing, and mastering both is easier than you might think...


Laughter Yoga

Laughter is so basic and so simple can it really be good for your health?  The answer is YES! and we can show you how....


Why choose Let's Laugh?

Our clients happily share that they chose Let's Laugh because they found our Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts a pleasure to work with.  Bron combines her indepth knowledge and understanding of Happiness, Stress and Resilience Mastery, Mindfulness, Meditation, Humour as a therpeutic tool and Laughter Yoga with her professional yet sometimes outragiously joyous presentation style.  Her experience as a conference and event organiser gives her a unique perspective on some of the issues organisers face and she's happy to work with you to make her inclusion in your event as stress free and memorable, in a good way, as possible.

Bron is Australia's only Certified Humour Professional, a Laughter Yoga Leader, Trainer and Global Laughter Yoga Ambassador, the founder and Master Trainer of Laughter Yoga Wellbeing, a certified Mindfulness instructor, a Gross National Happiness Ambassador (Bhutan) and, as a Kraft International Australian Toast of the Nation award winner she's an official Happy Little Vegemite.

Contact us either by email, bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au or on 0421 335 197.

About Let’s Laugh

Tailoring inspirational workshops and presentations that increase passion, purpose and profit by building health, well-being, resilience and team cohesion through laughter, humour, Laughter Yoga and Power Break Meditation.





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