Providing interactive, evidence based programs that will inspire change in the way you think about wellbeing. 

Immersive laughter yoga and our very own neuro-laugh programs that explore the neuroscience of laughter as a tool for wellbeing through our popular combination of engaging discussion and absolute fun.

Practical mindfulness and breath work sessions designed to inspire you to develop a mindfulness and breathwork practice that will suit your lifestyle.

Mindful movement, chair based yoga and awesome aging programs that remind us of the importance of movement at every age and every ability.  Our experience and training means your session can have that much loved exercise focus, or be transformed into what some of our regular clients call our exercise in disguise program.   

Let's Laugh is a purpose-driven social enterprise dedicated to providing simple, effective, evidence-based programs to organisations and communities that are passionate about the health and well-being of their people. 

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We acknowledge and pay our respect to the many First Nations across the country who are the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we work and live, and pay our respects to Elders: past, present, and emerging.


Laughter Programs 

So much fun!  Our unique laughter based programs share the behavioural and neuro-science of how and why finding our inner joy is not only important, but vital to our health and wellbeing...


Mindfulness and Breath Work

A practical (and neuroscience based) approach designed to help you create practices that will change the way you go through your day...  


Mindful Movement, Awesome Aging

From mindful movement and chair yoga, to dynamic office yoga, to a range of movement and happiness based programs specifically designed for those who are older, and lovingly called our 'get fit where you sit' range, these programs are designed to get you moving when circumstance are conspiring to limit your movement.   


So what's with the business name?

A lot of people ask us. In 2002 our Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts became one of the world's first formally trained and officially certified Laughter Yoga Trainers. During her training, her teacher, Dr Madan Kataria (inventor of the Laughter Yoga program and head of Laughter Yoga International) began every session with the words 'Let's Laugh'.  Just weeks later Bron's unique laughter-filled stress management programs were gaining popularity and she needed a business name. The choice was obvious. More recently we've debated changing it. Today our popular as ever laughter programs are one part of a broader offering, but Bron has always been one to celebrate history so, for the time being at least, we'll continue as Let's Laugh.  Plus it's a great conversation starter when it comes to conference and event name tags!  Hi, I'm Bron - Let's Laugh.  It doesn't get much better than that!      0421 335 197.


About Let’s Laugh

Creators of inspirational workshops and presentations

that explore emotional and physical wellbeing 

through the neuroscience of Laughter, Mindfulness,

Breath Work, Mindful Movement and

Awesome Aging programs.




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