Our Mission: to promote wellness in a way that supports the mental wealth

                   of individuals, organisations, and communities


From high-energy, laughter and fun-filled presentations and workshops that explore the science of resilience, motivation, creativity and celebration, to the calm of mindfulness programs that will inspire you to make mindfulness a part of your every day, Let's Laugh programs are designed to support your wellbeing needs.    

Our Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of individuals, organisations and communities.  Her academic background in psychology, humour as a therapeutic modality, mindfulness/meditation, and Gross National Happiness, certifications in Laughter Yoga and Laughter Wellbeing, and wealth of experience as a corporate and community trainer, professional speaker, community learning centre administrator, event organiser, and primary carer, has helped her develop adaptable and flexible learning environments that engage, educate and inspire her audiences.         

In line with the current restrictions all our programs are available live on-line, and in-person where permitted. 

Mental wealth is defined as individual and collective wellbeing, including the cognitive and emotional resources which underpin our ability to work productively, creatively and build and maintain strong positive relationships.  


Laughter Programs 

Laughter Yoga is so much fun and so simple can it really be good for your health? The answer is YES! Add some positive psychology and an understanding of how to maximise the brain / body connection for health and wellness and you have Laughter Yoga Wellbeing...


Well-being Fitness

Stress is a part of life, we can let it manage us, or we can learn to manage it.  Most of us keep physically fit, but did you know the key to managing stress can be found in Well-being Fitness? And just like physical fitness, all we need is a few strategies to set us on the well-being fitness path.....



We all know the benefits of mindfulness, but many people have had that 'tried it, it's not for me' experience.  Bron has developed an introductory program that will banish the 'not for me' forever......  


So what's with the business name?

A lot of people ask us.  In 2002 our Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts was one of the first people in Australia to be personally trained and authorized by Dr Madan Kataria, founder of the International Laughter Yoga Organisation, to offer both community-based and corporate laughter yoga sessions.  In the early years she started all her workshops with the laughter invitation she'd heard Dr Kataria so often use: Lets Laugh!  Some of her clients even began calling her the Let's Laugh lady.  As one of Australia's only certified Laughter Yoga presenters, and with the popularity of the programs gaining the attention of corporate clients, it was soon time to register a business name, and the choice seemed obvious.  More recently we've debated changing our name.  While we still offer Laughter Yoga, and Bron still uses her 'Let's Laugh' invitation, Laughter Yoga is now just one part of a much broader offering.  But Bron has always been one to celebrate her history so, for the time being we'll continue as Let's Laugh.  Plus it's a great conversation starter when it comes to conference and event name tags!  

bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au 0421 335 197.

About Let’s Laugh

Tailoring inspirational workshops and presentations that increase passion, purpose and profit by reducing stress, increasing resilience and improving well-being through Laughter Yoga, Well-being Fitness and Mindfulness.   




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