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Welcome to Let's Laugh, Australia's most popular provider of innovative and inspirational corporate programs, and the home of Bron Roberts, Australia's original 'Laughter Lady'.

Offering workshops and presentations with a focus on the 'Science of Laughter' and the power of meditation and mindfulness for busy times and busy people Let's Laugh offers simple, effective, proven strategies that create positive behavioural change in people, workplaces and communities.  

Whether you're after fun and laughter filled program that addresses stress management, resilience building, health and well-being, team building and cohesion or communication, a 'just for the fun of it' laughter program that's guaranteed to have your staff laughing or a 'Can it be so simple?  Power Break Meditation and Mindfulness program' Bron Roberts will engage, entertain and educate your group in a way that makes them and you feel great and wonder, why do other trainers and presenters make it all sound so hard?

News update:   On April 17 Bron returned home from a fun and successful 15 day speaking trip to the USA where she attended and spoke and one of her favourite conferences - AATH - and also shared laughter on 3 spectacular Hawaiian islands.  

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Thank you to those involved in the Wentworth Rural Women's Retreat for these kind comments from the final report.  Point 6.5 - Entertainment and Speakers
........... We intially invited the Governor General (Quentin Bryce) as a keynote speaker....... unfortunately she was engaged elsewhere for the weekend and was unable to attend. To replace the Governor General in this prime position we needed someone who could be used in a workshop and slot neatly into a speaking/entertainment segment at short notice. Bronwyn Roberts of 'Let's Laugh' was just the person.  She was professional, funny, well priced and able to be used anywhere in the program of a one-off engagement. She proved to be the triumph card needed to close the gathering. She was well worth the expenditure committed and the decision to engage her as one of the two 'non locals' in the program was a positive.

2012 saw Bron presenting at the Penola Rural Women's Retreat and in October 2013 she will be taking the stage as a keynote speaker at the South Australian Rural Women's Retreat in Port Pirie. 

... and also to the wonderful Madelyn of Marble Expert Recruitment

On behalf of the team at Marble Expert Recruitment Group I would just like to say what an absolute joy it was to participate in your session.
Your enthusiasm and contagious happiness kept our whole team laughing from Thursday am through to Friday night.
Thank you so much for putting a smile on our faces and we hope we can continue our laughter practice when volunteering with the Camp Quality Children next week.

All the best in your future sessions,

Madelyn and the Marble Expert Recruitment Group.


... and from Kelly, a participant in a western suburbs mental health support group.


Last week I paid good money to see a couple of comedians.  Honestly, you were funnier and you had the added bonus of sharing important and simple thngs that I can use to have more laughter every day.  When will we see you again?

Bron would also like to thank the wonderful Allen, tourism administrator and manager in Washington for his comments after a laughter presentation at a tourism training program in Washington in April, 2012:

"The three E's are important to me - Engagement, Entertainment and Enlightenment - and you shared bucket loads of each!  Your joy is contagious, you had me laughing in seconds, and now that I know why I should be laughing and how good it is for my health I'll be taking your 15 minutes of laughter a day to heart!  Thank you my new Aussie friend.  You have shared a rare gift!"

In recognition of her work sharing the benefits of laughter around Australia our Chief Happiness Officer Bronwyn Roberts has been awarded a 2012 Kraft Vegemite Toast of a Nation Award.  She is very happy to now be an official Happy Little Vegemite!

Let's Laugh's Mission : To share the science behind smiling and laughter and effective Meditation suitable for the busiest of minds through simple, effective and clinically proven strategies to individuals and organisations in cost effective and affordable workshops and programs.

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Power Break Meditation

 Meditation - Let's Laugh

Laughter Programs are wonderful but what if your group would rather something a little quieter?

Let's Laugh offers Power Break Meditation.  A unique meditation program that's easy to learn, simple to practice and will calm even the busiest of minds in the busiest of places.

Research shows that meditation has a host of health and well-being benefits, calming and relaxing the mind and body, reducing stress, improving resilience.

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Laughter is so basic and so simple can it really be good for your health?
Clinical research proves that the answer is a definite YES!

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