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Welcome to Let's Laugh, Australia's most popular provider of innovative and inspirational corporate programs, and the home of Bron Roberts, Australia's original 'Laughter Lady'.

Offering workshops and presentations with a focus on the 'Science of Laughter' and the power of meditation and mindfulness for busy times and busy people Let's Laugh offers simple, effective, proven strategies that create positive behavioural change in people, workplaces and communities.  

Whether you're after fun and laughter filled program that addresses stress management, resilience building, health and well-being, team building and cohesion or communication, a 'just for the fun of it' laughter program that's guaranteed to have your staff laughing or a 'simple to learn / easy to incorporate into your life' Power Break Meditation and Mindfulness program' Bron Roberts will engage, entertain and educate your group in a way that makes them and you feel great.  Let's Laugh programs engage, entertain and inform in fun and laughter filled sessions that will help you realise that when it comes to health and well-being it 'really is very simple'.

News update:  At Let's Laugh we're passionate about keeping up to date with the latest research into laughter, mindfulness and meditation.  We were delighted to discover that the latest research by our wonderful colleague Dr Lee Berk of Loma Linda University connected all three - Humor Associated Laughter Produces Brain Waves Similar to Those Who Achieve a ‘True State of Meditation,’ Says Loma Linda University Health Study. The full article can be read here: 

Plus don't forget that July 25 is the Life Line 'Stress Down Day' and the theme this year is 'Laugh lots to stress less'.  If you;d like a laughter workshop for you staff or group contact us.  

Find out more about Let's Laugh and some of our favourite studies on our 'About Let's Laugh' page.

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Power Break Meditation

 Meditation - Let's Laugh

Laughter Programs are wonderful but what if your group would rather something a little quieter?

Let's Laugh offers Power Break Meditation.  A unique meditation program that's easy to learn, simple to practice and will calm even the busiest of minds in the busiest of places.

Research shows that meditation has a host of health and well-being benefits, calming and relaxing the mind and body, reducing stress, improving resilience.

For all the details about the Power Break Program click here to go to our Power Break page or contact us for more details.

Laughter Programs

Laughter is so basic and so simple can it really be good for your health?
Clinical research proves that the answer is a definite YES!

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