Smile Project

Let's Laugh is proud to be the first sponsor of the face book based social movement -  SMILE PROJECT.

The Smile Project is a non profit social movement dedicated to changing the face of the planet by encouraging as many people as posible to share their smile with others.

A smile is the shortest distance between 2 people.  It breaks down social barriers and creates connections between strangers. 

Sadly, today's society encourages us to keep to ourselves.  MP3's and smart phones help us to entertain ourselves without connecting with others.  For those who might be feeling isolated, alone, or left out, a simple smile from a stranger can make all the difference. 

The Smile Project mission is to reduce social isolation by encouraging as many people as possible to engage with others by sharing a simple smile.

Why not join us on face book, click the like button and commit to sharing at least one smile a day with someone you don't know.

Smiling is clinically proven to have a positive effect on physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing.  There is a great article in the September 09 issue of American Scientific Mind -Smile, it could make you happier!

Smiling is also contagious, so......... if smiling makes you happier, it will, more often than not, spread a little happiness to those with whom you share your smile!

The Smile Project is a non profit social movement and like most social movements they rely on individuals to help promote their idea around the world.

How can you help?

Head to the Smile Project face book page and click the like button.

Promote the Smile Project through your networks.

Share the Smile Project in your community. 

Share your smile with as many people as you can.

Sign up to our monthly

Happiness Hotline


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