Promoting Resilience

We all handle stress differently, what I find stressful might be something that helps you flourish. To us happiness is found in having the skills to get through the tough times and flourish in the good. 

For a long time Let's Laugh has run resilence programs but more and more clients have shared that while resilience is great in the long term what they really need are some strategies for instant stress managment when times are tough.  Bron, our Chief Happiness Officer started out as a stress management trainer and she's gone back to her roots, back to the skills she developed when she was working with rehabilitation clients.  Based on positive psychology and psycho-physiology (the mind / body connection) our stress management strategy sessions help your staff recognise their own behavioural, cognitive, emotional and physical stress indicators, those implicit behaviours and thoughts that show you're getting stressed, and respond in a way that will give instant stress relief when it is needed and built long term resilience.  

Let's Laugh Promoting Resilience sessions include:

  • The biology of stress.  How some stress is good for us, it can increase our creativity and productivity but like all things, it must be used in moderation.
  • How to recognise our own behavioural, cognitive, emotional and physical stress triggers and indicators.
  • How to adapt in a way that builds resilience.
  • The ABC of finding your happy - activation, belief and consequence.
  • The importance of celebrating the tough times as well as the good.
  • Ways to prioritize resilience, plan well-being and keep tabs on your stress levels.
  • The mind-body connection of resilience building
  • Effective breathing, stretching and mindfulness exercises that will help you de-stress in minutes. 

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