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Let's Laugh offers a range of resilience, laughter and mindfulness programs designed specifically for primary and secondary students, teachers and families

Resilience Programs

At Let's Laugh we believe that we're all born with the tools we need to flourish, to thrive and most of all to be resilient.  We also know that we all get stressed, anxious, over worked, tired, frustrated, grumpy, unwell and a thousand other things that can make life harder than it needs to be. Based on Positive Psychology and filled with laughter and joy our resilience programs remind students, teachers and families of the simple things, the tools we all possess but often forget about that help us to face our world with greater resilience and help to create individuals that are creative, engaged, connected and passionate.  

Mindfulness and Meditation

You probably already know about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.  Thousands of articles and studies have been published on both subjects.  At Let's Laugh we understand the benefits but we also know that for some students and adults mindfulness and meditation are simply to difficult or something they have no interest in. 

Based on the latest research and training into both Mindfulness and Mediitation Let's Laugh offers unique programs designed to provide simple and effective strategies for discovering mindfulness and meditation in a way that suits everyone from the busiest of minds to the experienced meditator.  Starting with exercises that last for as little as 60 seconds Bron will have your group benefiting from moments of mindfulness in no time.

Let's Laugh mindfulness and meditation programs are designed to be able to be used almost anywhere and at almost any time and require no special tools or equipment.

Laughter Yoga Wellbeing Programs for schools

We all know that laughing makes us feel good.  It reduces stress, connects us with others, helps us think more clearly and creatively and improves our physical health.  As a mother of 2 (now adults) Bron also knows that school can be both amazing and stressful. 

Let's Laugh Laughter Yoga Wellbeing Programs are designed to provide students, teachers, parents and caregivers an understanding of why we should all have more laughter in our lives and share simple strategies for acheiving that goal. 

In as little as 45 minutes Bron will share the science of how and why laughing positively impacts both mind and body, the importance of celebration as a tool for engagement, memory, inspiration and motivation, how posture and facial expression effect mood and emotion and teach your group some simple and proven strategies for using laughter, celebration, posture and joy to create the best they can be.    

Laughter Wellbeing programs are interactive, fun and laughter filled journeys that combine the science of laughter with the famous Laughter Yoga and Let's Laugh Laughter exercises.  More details about the Laughter Well-being program can be found here.


Your program leader will be our Chief Happiness Officer Bron Roberts.  Bron is a certified mindfulness and meditation instructor with over 35 years teaching experience.  In October 2016 she undertook a mindfulness training program in Bhutan and in 2017 she renewed her Mindfulness and Meditation Training Certifications.

Bron is a fully certified CHP - Certified Humor Professional.  CHP is a coveted certification awarded on completion of a 3 year graduate program through the University of Portland Oregan and the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humour (AATH).  She is the only Australian to hold CHP status.

Bron is also a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher through Laughter Yoga International, a Laughter Master Trainer, and in 2015 was named 'Best Laughter in Australia' (yes, there is a trophy!).  It's no wonder her clients call her the Laughter Lady!

If you'd like to know more about our Resilience, Laughter Well-ness or Mindfulness and Meditation programs please contact Bron on 0421 335 197 or at

Check our client and testimonial page for a list of schools and educational groups that have already enjoyed Let's Laugh Programs.

Note:  Experience has taught us that school programs are best presented in a seated and carpeted environment.  We've found that gyms and sports halls aren't suitable because of the accoustics. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs. 



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