Our Programs

Offering sessions from 15 minutes to 3 hours, our programs are individually tailored to suit your needs, presented in an adaptable, accessible, and flexible manner to suit your participants, and designed to inspire and empower your staff, clients, students, community members or customers to re-connect with their own health and well-being and the health and well-being of their workplace and community.

With the understanding that we retain more information through experience and fun, we create interactive, safe, laughter, and joy-filled learning environments that create shared experiences and respect the participation level of each individual.  Our (not so secret) aim is to create future work or community spaces where a simple shared gesture learned in the workshop will become a reminder of the importance of finding space for laughter and joy even in the most difficult of times. 

Our popular programs include: 

Laughter Yoga: A laughter and fun-filled, effective gentle exercise program suitable for everyone of every age and ability.   

Laughter for Wellbeing:  The science that supports the understanding that laughter, humour, and the ability to find the fun, not only supports but enhances both individual and organisational wellbeing.   

Mindfulness:  Designed to suit everyone from the absolute beginner to the highly experienced, these sessions teach and remind participants of the value of taking time to rest the mind, to find spaces of calm, and take time out for self in what we all know can be very busy days.   

All our programs are available in-person and on-line.

About Let’s Laugh

Tailoring inspirational workshops and presentations that increase passion, purpose and profit by reducing stress, increasing resilience and improving well-being through Laughter Yoga, Well-being Fitness and Mindfulness.   




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