Mindfulness and Sound Healing

At Let's Laugh we believe that mindfulness should be simple, easy to practice and so enjoyable that you want to practice several times a day, but we also know that for some people mindfulness isn't their first, or even last, choice of activity.  

In the late 1970's Bron became acutely aware of the 'benefit vs really not for me' dillemna' when she was invited to assist in the meditation and mindfulness group at the rehabilitation centre where she worked.  Most of the group admitted that while they enjoyed lying on the floor in a darkened and quiet room in the middle of the day, in reality most of them either slept through the session or thought about other things, and as much as they liked the instructor they didn't connect with the teachings.  Working with a local Buddhist meditation group Bron developed a simple, practical mindfulness based program that she hoped would work for the clients.  The resignation of the meditation instructor saw her invited to take over the class and within a few short months of starting her new program her clients had a new found respect for her form of mindfulness and meditation.  More recently Bron has renewed her meditation and mindfulness training with Skillful Mind.

The beauty of Mindfulness and Sound Healing: 

Both mindfulness and sound healing can be enjoyed in sessions as short as 20 minutes, as either single sessions or part of an on-going therapeutic partnership.  Both are brilliant additions to conference or training day programs, as workplace well-being sessions or when your group is after some time out.    

Mindfulness is offered as a single introductory program, as an on-going health and well-being program and as an 8 week strengths based mindfulness program.  The strengths based mindfulness program is designed to assist individuals to use their own character strengths in order to overcome the common obstacles in mindful living and to develop a mindfulness based practice they can use in both their work and private lives.   

Sound healing offers pure relaxation, eyes closed, ears open to the therapeutic sounds of hand beaten Tibetan singing bowls and perfectly toned chimes.

Let's Laugh mindfulness programs offer a range of practical and user friendly strategies that are easy to master and can be practiced just about anywhere.

But what do those who've experienced the programs have to say?

I have to admit, I left the class thinking 'how can something so simple actually work?' But here I am just 10 days later - my one minute of meditation has expanded to 4 minutes of silence in my overactive brain.  The techniques you taugh really are 'no brainers', in the best possible way! Plus I loved the way your techniques were so flexible.  How many meditation teachers will tell you "If that doesn't work for you, try it this way."  Usually it's "just keep at it, meditation can take months to master!" but with you, it takes just minutes.  Thank you a thousand times.' - Barry Reichardt - community participant, community workshop, Melbourne

Shhh, I'm meditating. If you told me this morning I'd be saying that I would have laughed at you! How can meditation be so simple? But it really is. You are a true meditation guru!' - Samantha Waters, Education Department NSW 

Where do I buy a singing bowl?  Can you come to my house, that sound is so beautiful - Shamini, community volunteer, City of Whittelsea.  Rishna, a financial services manager in Nunawading asked the same thing, and then asked if we noticed if she borrowed one!  (most of Bron's bowls were bought on her last trip to Bhutan!)

'At every meditation class I've ever been to the teacher tells us how hard meditation is and how long it took them to master it, so I give up right then and there.  But your techniques were so easy, you were so clear in your explainations, they took hardly any time to learn.  OK I might never be able to meditate for 2 hours but I wouldn't have thought that even 10 minutes was acheivable, but with your teaching 10 minutes has become a snap, and with a bit of practice - well you just never know how long I can calm my mind.  All meditation teachers should be so clear in their explainations, so gentle, so understanding and so patient.' - Linda P. - Disability care support worker, Western Region - Footscray. 

'Another triumph.  I usually try to run a new program every year but after last years feedback I thought I'd take the risk on having you back.  I was surprised to see that people who attended last years session chose to join you again.  A few said how they'd hoped you'd be here.'  - Suzanne Halliday. - conference organiser.  The Let's Laugh Mindfulness program has now been included in the  2011, 2012 and 2014, 2016 and 2018 conference programs.

'Brilliant, that's it.  My mind is too calm to think, thank you.' - Andrew R.  HR worker, community meditation and sound healing session, St Albans.

'You are brilliant.  I've always hated meditation because I keep trying but I get so distracted, I could never do it before.  Your ideas work so well that I'm going to try and make it a daily ritual.' - Barry R. - Volunteer palliative carer, Melbourne.

'The group loved you, you got 100% positive feedback.  Is it too early to book you for a number of break out groups at our volunteers day next August?  We'd hate to miss out on having you back.' - Emma C. - event organiser, Melbourne - 09 - and yes we did go back in August 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2019.

'Excellent! We call it Get Peaced. (laugh) Seriously, this really helps me to focus, it’s so easy.' - Simon K, year 11 student, Wantirna - Simon went on to study an Melbourne University and is now in the workforce.  He's stayed in contact and let us know that even 7 years down the track he still practices his daily Power Breaks.

'Is the hour done already? Can I just stay here and practice some more?' - Katrina, Karingal Council - Sydney.

'I don't have a lot of time for this type of stuff but that was so calming, so relaxing, you explained everything so beautifully and made it all seem so simple.'- Darren, HR manager - Melbourne.

For more information about our Mindfulness and Sound Healing sessions contact us at bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au or by phone on 0421 335 197 for further the details or to book your program.

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