Laughter Yoga Wellbeing

Laughter Yoga Wellbeing combines postive psychology, the mind /body connection and mindset and behavioural change with specifically designed Laughter Yoga exercises to show just how quickly and effectively we can shift from stressed to flourishing.  

Having spent over a decade in the post trauma rehabilitation setting and 12 years as the personal carer for her mother as she journeyed through dementia, Bron knows that we can't be happy all the time and that some days can be seriously difficult.  Despite all her training in  stress management and resilience, Bron discovered that there were still times when she struggled to find what she termed 'enough happy' to get her through.  Instinctively she went back to what she calls implicit resilience, the things we automatically did as children when things were tough that somehow seem to get trained out of us as we age.  This simple discovery led her down the proverbial rabbit hole of research into basic stress management skills and it's those skills that form the basis of Laughter Yoga Wellbeing.  

Laughter Yoga Wellbeing was revised and re-developed as Bron's 3rd (final) year project (2014) in the Humor Academy -  a graduate program focusing on the application, presentation and promotion of humour as a therapeutic tool for health and wellbeing, run through the University of Portland Oregon and the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.  Working with leading researchers and presenters in the fields of stress management, neuroscience, epigenetics, psycho-physiology, positive psychology and humour and laughter as a therapeutic tools, Bron re-designed Laughter Yoga Wellbeing to become a fun filled but seriously informative powerful program that provides participants with simple strategies that are proven to have short term positive impact and create long term change. 

Each Laughter Yoga Wellbeing program is designed to suit your organisational needs and expectations and with an understanding that one size does not necessarily fit all, delivered in a flexible style that allows each participant to discover what suites them.  

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