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What our clients say about Let's Laugh Laughter programs / workshops

What do our presentations include?

Laughter is so basic and so simple can it really be good for your health?

Research proves that the answer is a definite YES! And if it's LAUGHTER YOU'RE AFTER... Let's Laugh is the place to be!

Laughter is clinically proven to a simple and effective complimentary and preventative health and well-being technique.

Let's Laugh's popular programs / workshops run from just 15 minutes up to half days.  Contact us to discuss how we can work with you to design a dynamic laughter program that will suit your needs and is guaranteed to be fun.

What our clients say about Let's Laugh Laughter programs:

Toorak College is a school that proudly supports proactive and preventative strategies that promote the benefits of health and well-being in students, staff, parents and members of the wider community. 

Laughter Yoga compliments our approach to student well-being. Bron Roberts (the Laughter Lady) is a highly energetic instructor who is clearly passionate about the wellbeing of young people. Bron is a well regarded and popular professional in her field who as the innate ability to combine science with laughter. 

We look forward to inviting her back to our school in the new year. - Kelly O'Brien,  MAPS: Education Psychologist, Toorak College, Mt Eliza 


Thank you so much for the session last week.  The feedback has been nothing but positive and we look forward to working with you again. - Andrea Jackson, Health Wellbeing and Development, Student and Community Services, Clayton University, Berwick Campus


More client testimonials can be found on our Clients and Testimonial page.


Let's Laugh laughter programs combine the latest research into the benefits of laughter with tension releasing exercises, gentle breathing, stretching and relaxation.  Our fully interactive, high energy programs are suitable for every one of any age and ability and are guaranteed to have even the most skeptical of particpants laughing and learning within minutes. 

Find out how you can discover simple, effective techniques and strategies that will change your attitude to health and well-being.

Booking your presentation, workshop or seminar is simple. Simply email us at or phone Bron on 0421 335 197 to discuss your needs.

While we design your program to suit your needs here are some ideas of what other clients have requested:

The 15 - 20 minute Laughter Rush.

A very popular energiser for conferences, meetings, workshops and events. 

The 30 - 45 minute Super Session.

For those times when you or your staff or clients need a lift. 30 - 45 minute sessions are fast becoming the 'must have' program for corporate and business clients, community, educational and health groups and festivals and are guaranteed leave participants feeling energised, re-invigorated, uplifted and most important of all, laughing.

1 or 2 hour Laughter workshops.

Longer sessions give us the time to discuss the the scientifically proven benefits of laughter, the effects of emotion and behaviour on health and well-being, laughter exercises, laughter meditation techniques, and much, much more.

Laughter Yoga Well-being.

Ranging from 60 minutes to full days (5 hours), Laughter Yoga Well-being programs combine the popular laughter exercises with the science of how the human system reacts and responds to daily events in fun filled and informative sessions that leave your group with an understanding of how they can use posture, facial expression, effective breathing and their own thought patterns and mind set as their personal tools for health, wellbeing and happiness.



Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher - Bron Roberts

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader - Bron Roberts

Lets Laugh - Affiliated to the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga

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