Laughter Yoga

Put simply - Laughter Yoga is fun!

Laughter Yoga is a combination of gentle exercise - or exercise by stealth as some of our clients claim (you're having so much fun you barely notice you're also exercising), deep breathing, gentle stretching and as the name implies, loads and loads of laughter.  It requires no special clothing, no mats and while we might flex your mental muscles you won't be straining yourself into traditional yogic postures.  It's Yoga like you've never seen it before. 

The program is suitable for everyone of every age and ability so if you want to get your group moving, connecting, having fun and getting healthy then Laughter Yoga is the program for you.

Laughter Yoga sessions can range from 10 minute conference or event pick me ups to workshops of up to 60 minutes. 

In 2003 Bron became one of the first internationally certified Laughter Leaders and Leader Trainers.  While Laughter Yoga isn't classified as a traditional Yoga practice Bron is one of the few Laughter Yoga leaders who is also a traditional yoga (Hatha) instructor placing her in the unique space of being able to effectively combine eastern yogic principles with the ideas of Laughing as exercise. 

Not quite sure what Laughter Yoga is?  Check out this great video from Oprah (which includes a session run by Let's Laugh friend Jeffrey Brair!)

Since 2004 Bron has run one of Australia's most popular community Laughter Clubs and helped in the creation of 27 other clubs, presented Laughter Yoga at festivals and events around the world (in 12 countries to date), runs regular Laughter Yoga programs for community, education, health care and corporate clients around Australia and has trained and mentored hundreds of others to become competent and confident Laughter Yoga Leaders.

To discuss bringing a Let's Laugh Laughter Program to your clients, staff, students or friends contact us on 0421 335 197 or by email.

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