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Happy New Year,

I hope your new year is off to an amazing start.

For the past few weeks my email and social media feeds have been filled with advice on how to have productive and fun filled new year.   At first I thought it might be fun to try all the suggestions out and write a blog about my adventures, but every day more ideas showed up, my favourite of which was to eat cake for breakfast, more about that in a minute, where would I begin?  Instead I decided to do meta analysis of all the ideas, to find out what the most repeated ideas are, and to see if they match the advice from my mentors and the colleagues who I truly respect, and then I just decided to focus on the ones that suit me.   Having analysed the results it seems that 7 ideas are the most recommended by others and by those in my networks, and yes, one does involve cake.

Let’s start with the cake for breakfast thing – No, I’m not recommending you actually eat cake for breakfast, although one of my daughters has been known to do that, everything in moderation as they say.  Ensure your first meal of the day is something that brings you joy.  It needn’t be joy in the taste, I have friends who screw their noses up at the juice they begin their days with but they chose to drink it in the knowledge that they’ll feel great afterwards.  Have that first meal with joy.  Don’t get straight into the difficulties of the day, take time to read or to listen to something you enjoy or to have a joy-filled conversation.  My daughter, the cake eating one, listens to podcasts over breakfast.  I prefer to read or chat if someone else is home, or if I’m travelling and having breakfast in a café or hotel dining room I might strike up a random early morning conversation with a stranger.  Some days eating in mindful silence brings me joy.  Start you day by eating the metaphorical cake, do something over breakfast that brings you joy.

Schedule time for yourself – If you’re like me your appointment schedule is broken down into 30 minute blocks.  It’s easy to get to the end of a busy day and realise that you’ve barely stopped.  Even though I teach meditation and mindfulness I still schedule personal time for both into every day.  Once a month I set aside an entire day if I can manage it, for what I call AK time.  AK stands for anti-karoshi.  Karoshi is a Japanese term that means death from overwork, but given that my work is something I truly love and revolves around mindfulness, joy and stress management I doubt it will ever kill me but better to be safe…..  Others tell me the call their days off their mental health days, to me they will always be AK days.  However you schedule your time make sure you include time for your most important client, and that client is you. 

Follow the five minute rule – we all have those jobs that we know are going to take just a few minutes but we just keep putting off.  If we have a list of unfinished things hanging around they can become a mental burden.  If it’s going to take 5 minutes or less just do it, get it out of the way, clear some mental space. 

Get moving -  literally.  Take the stairs, get off the bus one stop early, head out of the office when you get a break, ride your bike, take up jogging, go swimming, or as I discovered in a company I was running a workshop for in Sydney before Christmas, enjoy a bit of dancing during your break time.  However you do it make sure you get some movement into your day, your body will thank you.

Embrace a WTF attitude – I’ll pause for a moment for you to think about that.  To me it stands for Willing to Fail.  I know, you are possibly tired of hearing it, but try to embrace failure as an opportunity to learn or at the very least a chance to accept that not everything is always going to go as planned.  Next time something doesn’t work out shake your head, smile and be grateful that you have a wtf – willing to fail – attitude.

Plan at least one big thing -  For me the big thing is always travel.  This year one of my colleagues is nagging me to take them to Bhutan, watch out for more details on that one (want to join us?).  For an elderly friend it’s her quarterly catch up with primary school friends, which considering she’s 96 years young as she says, is pretty impressive.  Give yourself something to look forward to, plan it, look forward to it, and make it happen.

And the final thing of course, or should I say things, is take time to stop, to breath, to smile, to laugh and to be mindful, to practice forgiveness and to be grateful.  Make the time to really appreciate the gift that being alive truly is.

taktsang 2.jpg

Although I’m known as the laughter lady this coming year my focus will be on the more meditative and mindful aspects of self care and resilience building; those of gratitude, compassion, creativity, connection and both inner and outward joy.   But of course, there will be laughter.  If you’d like to know more about my new programs, or find out about that trip to Bhutan, or simply pop in to say hello, please get in touch.  

I wish you a wonderful January and a brilliant 2018.


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