Happiness Mastery

Happiness is differnt things to different people so how can we master it?

Studies have shown that one of the leading issues that impacts our happiness is stress, but let's face it, stress is a part of everyday life.  Stress gets a bad wrap but, believe it or not, it does have a good side.  It's second to none when it comes to getting things done, but let it get out of control, or worse still let it take control and it's guaranteed to have a negative impact on your physcial and mental health, send you happiness levels plummeting and impact every level of your personal and worklife.  

At Let's Laugh we beleive that it's no longer enough to simply enought to just manage your stress.  We believe that you should be able to master it!  In our Happiness Mastery programs we help you discover the biology of stress and begin to recognise your personal stress signs, because it's only when we understand how and why stress effects us as it does we can work towards mastering it.

The Happiness Mastery program includes:

  • The biology of stress.  How stress not only effects your phsyical and mental health and well-being but the health and well-being of those who share your day.
  • The effects of posture and facial expression on mood and behaviour and the effects of mood and behaviour on stress and resilience levels.
  • How Flow, Passion and finding your Element can help you balance your work and home life.
  • The art of Happiness Mastery - or how to prioritize stress and plan well-being.
  • Effective breathing, stretching, time out and time in exercises that will help you de-stress in minutes and, with practice, provide long term resilience.

We appreciate that Happiness, stress and resilience mastery are serious topics, but our Chief Happiness Office Bron, also knows that we learn better when we're having fun, she can't help herself, there will be laughter! 

Contact us on 0421 335 197 or at bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au to disucuss how Let's Laugh can help to de-stress you your staff and your organisation.

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