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We aim to make your Let's Laugh experience as fuss free, simple and fun as possible.

Call us on 0421 335 197 (we may be running a workshop when you call so please leave us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can), email us at bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au or use the form on our contact page.

To help us provide you with the most accurate information please let us know:

     -  The name of your organisation or company, where you're located and where your event is being held.

     -  The length and type of program you're after.

     -  If the program is to be a part of an event, a little about your bigger plans for your event.

     -  Your prefered date or dates or a broad idea of when you might be considering your presentation.  We're usually happy to 'hold' dates            for all clients to allow time to finalise any other arrangements and in most cases deposits are not required. 

Someone, usually Bron, will get back to you within 24 hours, usually sooner, to discuss your needs. 

For community clients in remote locations and for some overseas clients we offer what we've dubbed a 'travel exchange'. Contact us for the details. Bron loves to travel!

Booking contracts are not required unless requested by you, or where flights or accommodation are required to meet your program requirements.

All bookings details should be forwarded to us via email and all programs should be confirmed by you one week prior to your event.   One of our staff will phone you a few days prior to your program to confirm the time and venue at to check that no unforeseen changes to your planning have arisen. 

We are happy to hold dates without a holding fee in most cases.  However, should another client request a date we are holding for you, you will be required to pay the full (non-refundable) presentation fee to secure your date.  

We only charge cancellation fees where:

  • You cancel your booking within 24 hours of the presentation of your program.  
  • You have payed the non-refundable presentation fee to secure a date requested by another client and subsequently cancel your booking with us.  
  • Costs relating to your program have been incurred by Let's Laugh prior to you cancelling your booking.  These may include pre-booked travel, accommodation and / or presentation equipment costs and, depending on the lead time of your cancellation, up to 100% of the presentation fee.  

If you wish to discuss any special booking needs or wish to clarify anything about our booking proceedures or you'd like to book a program please get in touch - bronwyn@letslaugh.com.au  0421 335 197.

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Tailoring inspirational workshops and presentations that increase passion, purpose and profit by building health, well-being, resilience and team cohesion through laughter, humour, Laughter Yoga and Power Break Meditation.





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