Community Laughter Group

Our Chief Happiness Office - Bron Roberts - is the founder leader of the award winning* Mitcham Community Laughter group.

The group meets at 9.30am every Saturday at Halliday Park in Mitcham (Victoria).

With 19 years of weekly meetings coming up in late 2022, the Mitcham Community Laughter Group is one of the longest-running and largest community laughter groups in the world.  

Contact Bron, 0421 335 197, for more information, or simply head over to Halliday Park to join us.  

You can't miss our amazing yellow Laughter Yoga sign, proudly donated by Dustin Holtz, State Member for Ringwood.

The session fee of $5 per person helps with the costs of running the club. 

*The Mitcham Community Laughter Group are the proud winners of several Deakin and City of Whitehorse Community Awards for community connection, inclusion and support. 





About Let’s Laugh

Tailoring inspirational workshops and presentations that increase passion, purpose and profit by reducing stress, increasing resilience and improving well-being through Laughter Yoga, Laughter Wellbeing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Chair Yoga.   




PO Box 1012
Blackburn North
Vic 3130

P: 0421 335 197