Chair and Office Yoga

No mats or workout gear required.  

Yoga is a great way to relax and reduce mental and physical stress, but not every office has a yoga space and not everyone can or wants to get down onto a mat.  That's where Chair based Yoga shines.  As a modified form of mat Yoga, and offering both seated and standing movements, Chair Yoga makes yoga accessible to everyone of every ability from the comfort of their chair. 

Whether your after a program that will suit the confines of your office, something for a group that might otherwise not have yoga in their fitness sights, or have an older community or age care resident's group for whom mat yoga simply won't suit, we can design a program for you.

Our Chief Happiness Officer has been practicing traditional yoga since the mid '80's and became a chair yoga convert when she witnessed her elderly mother struggling to pick up something she'd dropped as she sat at a table.  With the understanding that yoga improves balance and increases flexibility and strength Bron went on the hunt for a way to make yoga accessable not only for her mum, but for others who would like to give yoga a try.  She discovered Lakshmi Voelker chair yoga and was hooked.

Contact us to discuss bringing Chair Yoga to you and your group. 


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