Happy Joyous July,

Last week I received a book in the post.  It was a copy of ‘Nature’s Seven Healers’ by H. E. Kirschner. With it was a note.  The sender was a woman named Nola Reed, and in the note she shared that her mother, Joy Mitchell, had heard me speak at her community group years back and had kept my happiness list on her fridge ever since. Joy had recently moved into assisted living and when her possessions were being sorted out she asked that the book be sent to me. She thought I might like it. It’s clearly well read with passages book marked with hand written notes, and while it speaks from a fairly religious viewpoint it gives some good advice that is as relevant today as the day it was written. This month in honour of Joy I thought I’d share ‘Nature’s Seven Healers’:

The first is fresh air. I live in the city so to me this means heading to a park or getting out of town. Recently there’s been a lot of research into the benefits of being in a natural environment, but I don’t need research, I know a bit of fresh air makes me feel great.

The second is sunshine. Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to build our vitamin D levels. Don’t overdo it, but if you get the chance roll up those sleeves and feel the sun on your skin. It feels so good. I like to combine my dose of sunshine with my dose of fresh air, they go together so well.

Third is exercise. This one is up to you. My partner is an avid cyclist, I prefer yoga, dance and walking. I also love incidental exercise, taking the stairs when I can, parking that little bit further away, I’m sure you can think of other ideas. However you get your exercise the idea is to raise your heart rate and get that body moving.

Fourth is good food. I’m not a dietician so it’s not my place to offer advise save to say that recently there’s been a lot of research into gut microbiota and the effect of diet on both physical and mental health.

Fifth is hydration. The book recommends clean water but again, I’m not a dietician so I won’t offer any advice, save to say that my preferred drink is water, or one of the ever increasing range of herbal teas.

Sixth is rest. To H. E. Kirschner, the author of the book, rest means a change of scene. He combines rest with fresh air, sunshine and the opportunity for exercise all of which, he claims, and I’ve no doubt he’s right, lead to better sleep. He also mentions the need to rest the mind from the needs of work. Is it ironic that while I teach mindfulness and meditation (so they could be classed as work) I also use both as two of my favourite forms of rest?

The final of the seven doctors is the power of the mind. While encouraging a positive mindset, Kirschner also recommends a focus on purpose driven and strength based vision, the goal oriented mindset, self control, compassion, celebration and gratitude.

Having read the book it makes me smile that while these same simple and effective ideas are so heavily promoted today they weren’t new when Nature’s Seven Doctors was published 57 years ago. It doesn’t take much research to discover that they go back centuries.

Similar to H. E. Kirschner I promote the power of simple and effective ideas for health and happiness. Some of my clients argue that life can be very complicated and that health and happiness isn’t as easy as I seem to make out. I don’t disagree. The ideas I promote are stepping stones, ideas that get us started on a longer and more complicated health and happiness journey. They’re also the ideas that act as the hand rail on that journey. If we’re struggling it’s the simple things that we hold on to, the simple things that we grab to steady ourselves before we get back on our way.

So, if you’re after simple and effective happiness, resilience and relaxation strategies for your workplace or community group I continue to offer my popular laughter and science based happiness workshops. I’ve also recently renewed my mindfulness and meditation qualifications, and, thanks to a couple of random opportunities that delivered a collection of Tibetan singing bowls into my ownership, have also trained in sound bath (sound healing) meditation. If you’re after something restful, relaxing and rejuvenating, especially in the workplace, I can highly recommend a 20 minute (or longer) sound bath meditation.

Keep smiling and have a brilliant July,

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