May 2021 bring you the creativity found in flexibility and simplicity

A few weeks ago a client asked me to write a short piece of guidance for 2021 for their end of year newsletter.  I sat for a long time pondering what to say, and in the end, rather than contemplate the year ahead, I felt the need to comment on the year that has been.

At the end of 2019, like so many others, I created my list of goals for the year ahead.  I started 2020 with a diary filled with bookings and travel, and I also hoped to complete the Psychology degree that I was working through at far to slow a pace.  In the third week in January, I had an unplanned but much welcomed week in Sydney, and just 3 weeks later, with just 2 weeks’ notice, I was off to a retreat in Fiji, and somewhere in the mix I had final year psychology assignments and exams to complete.  In March everything changed.  The trips to Sydney and Fiji took on new meaning as my last away from home adventures for what I thought might be just a few months, and all to quickly I also learned that the new restrictions meant no in-person bookings...

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