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Power Break Meditation

Meditation - Let's LaughMeditation is becoming an increasing popular in-house health and wellbeing program, but in today's difficult economic climate can you really afford to have your staff 'zoning out' for long breaks, or to be constantly bringing in meditation instructors, even though you know meditation is good for the health and well-being of you staff and your organisation?

Meditation needn't take long and it shouldn't be difficult.  It's well known the several short breaks during the day increase productivity without taking up valuable time and that Power Break is one of the easiest forms of meditation.

Power Break has been developed to provide those short, and often almost unnoticeable mind breaks that provide effective relaxation during busy times. 

At Let's Laugh we understand that meditation does not come easily to everyone.  We recognise and appreciate the many difficulties that can be associated with trying to 'de-focus to re-focus' in the busy space that todays world has created of our minds and we also know that clearing the mind, focusing the energy and taking time out for yourself is a valuable and necessary skill in our busy world.

The beauty of Power Break: 

Traditional meditation styles can take months to learn and years to master.  While in-house meditation sessions assist participants to calm the mind and body during the session and are popular with many organisations, they seldom leave participants with skills to assist them to continue their meditation practice unaided, creating a need for on-going or future facilitator lead sessions.  A 60 minute Power Break workshop provides your staff with the skills to make Power Breaks a regular part of their day and while we are often invited to return to organisations to provide refresher programs and regular facilitator lead sessions might be something that your staff will enjoy, you and they will find that in just 1 session they can master the basic Power Break techniques and while regular follow up sessions a fun option they will not be a necessity. 

Power Break introduces you to the simplest and easiest form of visualisation meditation.  Beginning with just 60 seconds of silence you'll quickly discover the pleasure of Mindfulness and be amazed at how simple taking time out during your busy day can be.  Power Break offers simple techniques for experiencing time out in the busiest of locations and when the mind is racing.  Ideal for the workplace and developed to suit the busiest of minds a 60 minute Power Break workshop will provide you and your staff with the skills to master the 3 Power Break styles; the popular Momentary Meditation, Minute Meditation and longer meditation breaks, and will have you wondering why some people think meditation is difficult to master.  

'I have to admit, I left the class thinking 'how can something so simple actually work?' But here I am just 10 days later - my one minute of meditation has expanded to 7 minutes of silence in my overactive brain, and as for Power Break, that technique really is an instant 'no-brainer' in the best possible way! Plus I loved the way your techniques were so flexible.  How many meditation teachers will tell you "If that doesn't work for you, you might like to try it this way."  Usually it's "just keep at it, meditation can take months to master!" but with you, it takes just minutes.  Thank you a thousand times.' Barry Reichardt - community participant - community workshop - Melbourne

'Shhh, I'm meditating. If you told me this morning I'd be saying that I would have laughed at you! How can meditation be so simple? But it really is. You are a true meditation guru!' Samantha Waters - Education Department NSW 

Based on a plaform of everyday language, easy-to-follow ideas and clear images, the 'Power Break' program offers simple, clear, effective and practical methods that are straightforward to learn and easy to master.

Bron will introduce you to effective breathing, gentle stretching, relaxation techniques that can be used almost anywhere at almost any time.  Power Break is popular with people form all walks of life who simply can't afford a meditation break when they most need one.  

With programs ranging from 30 minutes up to 3 hours as either one off events or continuing health and well-being partnerships, Let's Laugh Power Break meditation provides participants with life-long skills that assist in creativity, clear thinking, relaxation and stress management.

With a belief that meditation should be available anywhere at any time we don't use incense or promote the use of any specialist meditation equipment. Music used in our programs is commercially available and used with the consent of the performers, many of whom are friends and colleagues of Let’s Laugh.

Contact us by email at or by phone on 0421 335 197 for further the details or to book your meditation program.

What do our clients think of our Power Break program?

'At every meditation class I've ever been to the teacher tells us how hard meditation is and how long it took them to master it, so I give up right then and there.  But your techniques, you were so clear in your explainations, they took hardly any time to learn.  OK I might never be able to meditate for 2 hours but 10 minutes, a snap, and with a bit of practice - well you just never know.  All meditation teachers should be so good, so gentle, so understanding and so patient.'
Linda P. - Disability care support worker, Western Region - Footscray. 

'Another triumph.  I usually try to run a new program every year but after last years feedback I thought I'd take the risk on having you back.  I was surprised to see that people who attended last years session chose to join you again.  A few said how they'd hoped you'd be here.'  Suzanne H. - conference organiser, August 2010.  Power Break has now been included in the conference in 2011, 2012, 2014 and has been book for the 2014 event.

'Brilliant, that's it.  My mind is too calm to think, thank you.'  Andrew R.  HR worker, community meditation session, St Albans.

'You are brilliant.  I've always hated meditation because I keep trying but I get so distracted, I could never do it before.  Your ideas work so well that I'm going to try and make it a daily ritual.'
Barry R. - Volunteer palliative carer, Melbourne.

'The group loved you, you got 100% positive feedback.  Is it too early to book you for a number of break out groups at our volunteers day next August?  We'd hate to miss out on having you back.'
Emma C. - event organiser, Melbourne - 09 - and yes we did go back in August 2010, 2012 and 2013.

'Excellent! We call it Get Peaced. (laugh) Seriously, this really helps me to focus, it’s so easy.'  Simon K, year 11 student, Wantirna.

'Is the hour done already? Can I just stay here and practice some more?' Katrina, receptionist - Sydney.

'I don't have a lot of time for this type of stuff but that was so calming, so relaxing, you explained everything so beautifully and made it all seem so simple.'
Darren, HR manager - Melbourne.

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