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Many clients want Laughter Yoga but more often that not they also want more.  While Laughter Yoga is a fun filled movement based program based on yogic breathing, clapping and laughter exercises that's designed to get your group laughing it doesn't leave the participants with a strong take away message or an indepth understanding of how they can use laughter and joy to improve their health and wellbeing.

That's where Laughter Wellbeing comes in.

Laughter Wellbeing combines popular Laughter Yoga and Let's Laugh Laughter exercises with neuroscience, a touch of psychology and Bron's indepth understanding of the human system.  Bron pairs simple and effective health and well-being strategies with relevant Laughter Yoga and Let's Laugh Laughter exercises to create an environment of discovery and demonstrates just how quickly and easily each strategy works from both a biological and psychological perspective. 

The program is designed to suit everyone of every age, ability and learning style.  Some people want to get up and have fun, others want to sit back and learn, some want question what is said. Laughter Wellbeing caters for them all. 

Laughter Wellbeing was developed as Bron's 3rd (final) year project in the Humor Academy, a graduate program focusing on the therapeutic application, presentation and promotion of humour as a therapeutic tool, run through the University of Portland Oregon and the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.  Working with leading researchers and presenters in the fields of humour, laughter, stress management and wellbeing Bron used her understanding of the Laughter Yoga program, her 3 decades of experience as a workshop presenter and the knowledge gained through her study with the Humor Academy program and her Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) to develop a flexible and fun filled program that would have lasting impact on all those who participated in the sessions.

Bron was the first international graduate (2014) of the Humor Academy and is currently the only Australian to hold the coveted designation of CHP - Certified Humor Professional.

One of Bron's core beliefs is that creating habits of happiness isn't as hard as some people believe.  Laughter Wellness proves it.

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